4 jobs for an Information Security Apprentice

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There is currently much debate and discussion about the skills shortage in Information Security.  Is a botched hiring process too stringent and filtering out the good candidates?  Or, are employers looking for talent whose mix of skills and experience is impossible to find?  The above average salary increases for UK Cyber-Security professionals is certainly an indicator of an increasing demand, another indicator is that tech companies are side-stepping degrees and creating their own Cyber-Security training programmes.  Symantec is one of the companies creating its own Cyber Security training programs, investing $2 million in a test project.  Of more than 300,000 Cyber Security job openings, 20% could be filled by candidates without a Degree, according to Symantec.

The 2014 Information Security Breach Survey found that small to medium sized businesses are more confident than large businesses in meeting their Information Security needs.  The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2015 estimates that the market for Cyber Security products and services will grow at close to 10% per year.  Furthermore, according to the research undertaken by Frost and Sullivan on behalf of (ISC)² published in 2011 , there was an estimated 2.28 million Information Security Professionals globally, with an estimated requirement by 2015 of 4.2 million, therefore estimating a global shortfall of 54% in 2015.

The Information Security Apprenticeship

Above average salary increases, investment in Cyber Security training and lower qualification requirements are tangible evidence that some of the world’s leading IT employers are taking action to address the Cyber Security skills shortage. In addition, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ research suggests that there is a global shortage in Cyber security professionals.

The information Security Apprenticeship was created as a response to the lack of Cyber Security professionals in the UK; it enables Cyber Security employers to use some of the government’s investment in the Apprenticeship scheme to train their Cyber Security workforce.  The qualification covers multiple disciplines within Cyber Security and offers the employer the ability to cover areas that may be lacking.

Here are four job roles for an Information Security Apprenticeship:

Junior Network Security Officer

The Junior Network Security Apprentice will assist with the planning, implementing, upgrading and monitoring of security measures for the protection of computer networks and information.  The successful Apprentice will have the following qualities:

  • Proactive, fast learner; able to work both in a team and sometimes alone
  • The ability to focus on assisting customers and colleagues in finding solutions to problems
  • The ability to work logically and methodically, often under pressure to set deadlines
  • Good attention to detail and the ability to deliver what is required, when it is required
  • Open to change and focus on the requirements of the business at all times

Information Assurance Officer

The Information Assurance Apprentice will help to ensure that information is protected from unauthorised access and compromise.  S/he will keep the information secure and only disclosed or shared in compliance with the information assurance and security strategy, relevant standards and legislation.  The successful Apprentice will have the following qualities:

  • A broad knowledge of technology
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and are comfortable presenting to others

Assistant Secure Systems Developer

The Assistant Secure Systems Apprentice assists with the creation of secure software, by implementing secure programming techniques.  The successful Apprentice will have the following qualities:

  • An interest in design and creativity, with good attention to detail
  • A mathematical or analytical mind
  • Good logical reasoning and problem solving skills

Penetration Tester (Pentest)

The Pentest Apprentice assists with the evaluation of computer and network security by simulating attacks on a computer system or network from external and internal threats.  The successful Apprentice will have the following qualities:

  • Able to analyse and solve problems
  • Have an interest in both hardware and software
  • Enjoy working to deadlines and under pressure



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