5 Qualities to look for in an Apprentice

Apprenticeship in businessWith 2 million people starting their apprenticeship since 2010, several young people are at the start of new careers in their chosen subject area.  The recruitment process is something that all businesses must go through if they are to grow and deliver an excellent product or service; however, apprentices are not like your average employee.

They are generally aged 16 – 24 and have relatively little skills and experience in comparison to their older counterparts.  That being said, the apprenticeship scheme has been extremely successful with millions now progressing in their careers thanks to the skills and abilities that they gained on their apprenticeship.

Here are five qualities to look for in an apprentice to ensure that your apprenticeship experience is a successful one:

Value the Apprenticeship

The apprentice must value the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship could be a life changing opportunity that gives them an excellent start in their career.  The experience gained will give them an advantage over some university graduates who have none when they graduate from university. Also, there is a monetary value of the apprenticeship, if the apprentice were to choose to purchase the individual units that comprise the course; it would cost them thousands of pounds.  A good apprentice will appreciate these facts and will be determined to take advantage of the opportunity.

Punctuality and Preparedness

As with any job role, good punctuality is vital attribute for an apprentice in their job interview.  There are some valid excuses; however, arriving beyond the scheduled time should be a fatal error for someone who is trying to impress an interviewer.

Also, good apprentices prepare for their job interview.  Not only have they planned their route to ensure that they arrive on time, but, they have learned as much as possible about the job role and company who they hope to employ them.

Willing to Learn

The Apprenticeship scheme is an excellent learning opportunity that is unrivalled in the EU and even worldwide.  It is extremely important for your Apprentice to appreciate that this is a learning opportunity that will enable them to gain practical skills and experience that are not available at college or in a normal job.  This high quality education has a monetary value and would cost the learner thousands of pounds if they were to purchase the qualifications individually.  This justifies the apprentice minimum wage as when you add the cost of the qualification to the Apprentice’s annual wage the total is above the average wage for an entry-level employee.

Willing to commit to 15 months

Some of the Apprenticeships can last for up to 15 months, which is quite a large commitment.  Is this young person ready to commit for 15 months on the Apprentice wage?  Will they still be enthusiastic to travel to work in six months?  Do they have a stable home environment that will support their job role for this long period?  These are just a few of the questions that the Apprentice should be answer positively in their interview.  During the apprenticeship, the apprentice needs stability where they live and the ability to travel easily to work.  Most important is the willingness to complete the qualification in order to progress their career.

Interested in the Job

A personal interest in a subject area makes learning much easier and much more enjoyable.  Young people have access to a variety of information and this can give them a variety of interests.  By the age of 16 some young people have already gained a lot of knowledge about their chosen subject area, these youngsters require guidance and structure to take their skills to the next level.  They will already have examples of their work and will ask questions that are show their interest, money and job benefits will be secondary to the apprentices desire to achieve their goal of gaining the skills and experience that they desire.



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February 1, 2017

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