5 Reasons to Take on an Apprentice

5 Reasons to take on an apprenticeApprenticeships are a great way of attracting young people with fresh and new ideas. In order for your business to gain new ideas and continue to grow, it needs new people to produce and execute these ideas. The regular training and development that the Apprentices receive can only benefit your organisation; it will also enable you to contribute to the learning and development of young people in the locality of your business. The majority of Apprentices tend to stay at the company that has employed them; this reduces staff turnover and contributes to the long-term stability of your organisation.

Here are five reasons for your organisation to take Apprentices:

Apprentices Embrace the Company Culture

The UK government is currently actively trying to create a generation of software coders who are starting to enter the workforce at this time. Companies with long-term planning can take advantage of this by allowing these young people to start their working life as a part of their organisation. This will allow the company to train them in their culture which will give them a higher commitment to the overall objectives. In the long run this will strengthen the company culture, in addition to the bonus of a steady supply of technically proficient new recruits to learn that culture.

Apprenticeships Create a Culture of Learning

When you introduce young, enthusiastic Apprentices to your company, you contribute to a culture of learning. Throughout their Apprenticeship the Apprentices will generally be learning the latest techniques and information about their chosen subject area, these cutting edge skills are then automatically transferred to your company’s competencies. This could even create a reverse transfer of skills between the Apprentice and their supervisors, this transfer of skills will always benefit the company.

Apprenticeships are tailored to meet your specific needs

Each Apprentice is studying for a nationally recognised qualification that will eventually contribute skilled and certificated employees to the sector as a whole. The general structure of the qualification enables the employer and the Apprentice to select the optional units that are most suited to the company and to the job role. The flexible nature of the Apprenticeship enables companies to identify and then to address specific business needs, this creates an environment where the future employee appreciates their company values and contributes to the specific needs of the business.

Apprenticeships are Cost Effective

The government recently increased the Apprentice Minimum Wage by 57p an hour to £3.30; this is less than half of the National Minimum Wage (£6.70 per hour), this helps to compensate for the training and mentoring that the Apprentice will receive. This is a massive saving as an Apprentice contributes more than half of the work of a standard employee.

There is also the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (£1500) that is currently available for up to 5 Apprentices help to contribute towards supporting them while at work. This combined with the Apprentice Minimum Wage enables organisations to make massive savings on staff wages. In addition to the Apprentice Minimum Wage and the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers, there are no recruitment or training costs for Apprenticeships scheme. These are two significant costs that you are saving when adding to the staff team.

You can Contribute to the Future Generations’ Skills and Development

When you take on an Apprentice, you are taking an active role in correcting the current skills shortage, while adding to the skills and development of the future workforce at the same time. In the UK companies are already taking drastic measures to compensate for our skills shortage by importing foreign workers on rising salaries. The skills shortage is affecting several areas of the UK economy, slowing growth in some areas; with the majority of UK businesses saying that it will ‘slam the breaks’ on the UK’s overall economic recovery. With concerns at the highest level since 2008, it is time to take heed of the earlier warnings and pro-actively take part in the up skilling of our nation’s youth.



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February 1, 2017

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