How apprenticeships differ from internships?

Internships and apprenticeships both give the new entrants the initial-level experience in a career. However, they work differently. These are programs that allow you to earn while you learn, apprenticeships pay you to learn a skill or trade in the work environment. Whereas internships give you the chance to learn before you earn. Internships enlighten what it would be like to work in a specific job or work environment before you choose a career.


Internships are short-term periods of temporary work experience. They typically last for a few weeks or months. Interns are hired in both public as well as private organisations. Many people take on an internship to gain on-the-job experience of working in a particular role, organisation or industry sector. This can help you decide if you want to follow a specific career before you commit to it, and it may help you gain experience that boosts your long-term career prospects. Skills gained through an internship program have an educational rather than a training role.


An apprenticeship is a formal employment program that provides training to do a specific job. Unlike internships, apprenticeships employ people who are clear about which career path they wish to follow. If you join an apprenticeship program, you’ll sign a formal contract with your employer and learn specific skills during your apprenticeship. It is a mix of on-the-job training and work experience, and also formal, classroom-based educational learning. Term of apprenticeship programs last from one to six years. And at the finish of the apprenticeship, you’ll receive a formal qualification and the skills needed to work in your chosen field.

Both apprenticeship and internship focus on shaping careers of individuals but there are few distinct points between the two which are as follows:

Apprenticeships are longer term

Internships are generally shorter and don’t have any classroom instruction attached to it. Most people do internship either it for a semester or summer and then move on to the next one or get hired full-time. With an apprenticeship, it can take years to complete and requires a full-time commitment. An intern gets work experience and an apprentice gets more than just work experience.

The pay is higher than with an internship

Apprenticeships are highly competitive in nature and possibly the main reason is because you get paid while you learn. Definitely you won’t be banking six figures in year one of your apprenticeship but you are going to earn more than with an internship. Internships offer you college credits, a small stipend and something that add to your resume, where an apprenticeship gives salary you can live off. The difference with an apprenticeship versus other types of training is it’s directly tied to paid employment.

Apprenticeship gives your hands on training

In an internship knows you probably not going to have too much responsibility. It provides the basic understanding of how the marketing department works or how a newsroom operates, but chances for creating a marketing campaign or publishing a news article are not happening. An apprenticeship, on the other hand, gives the experience of real on the job training in the profession that you wish to eventually work in. These have more practical exposure in construction and IT sector.

Classroom training is tied to the apprenticeship

Internships are a great way to get exposure to corporate world and to top up your resume, but typically what you learn during your stint with a company isn’t going to be taught in the classroom. This isn’t the case with an apprenticeship. A key piece of an apprenticeship is that your classroom instruction relates to your occupation. You get a combination of classroom and on the job training and you too get paid.

In the end apprenticeship rewards with a job

In a perfect world, an internship gets completed in the senior year of college and then you get a full time offer from the employer you have been working for. But that’s not true in all cases. In many, your internship won’t get you that foot in the door. However, an apprenticeship will. Since the employer is sponsoring you and spending the time to teach and train you, you are almost guaranteed to have a job at the completion of the program.

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July 31, 2017

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