Connecting the world through technology is a new revolutionary step

“Using technology to create a brotherhood”- Melinda Gates

Gone were the days when we had to wait for the whole day to listen to the news over the television. Now we do not need to wait for a month to see our friends’ wedding pictures. We are blessed to be living in the high-end technology era. Where everything is available in just one click of your fingertips and providing instant sharing options that have now become the new trend.

“We created computers as an extension of our brains, and now we are connecting through those computers and the internet cloud as a way of expanding them,” says filmmaker Tiffany Shlain. Tiffany is internet expert celebrity, who is also known for introducing the Webby Awards. Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Not a single one from us can imagine even a day without a phone? A recent study shows that on an average a person checks their phone after every 6 minutes in a day. This has made it possible for the count of text messages by every adult person to exceed the population of the planet. But other than this technology is full of blissful ideas, innovations, experiments, views that are reaching from far-flung areas around the globe.

Have a look at some interesting fact we brought it here for you:

  • 1 out of 6 couples married in the UK met online
  • All around 80% of the world’s population own a smart phone
  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery
  • Google handles nearly 1 billion search queries per day
  • Every single minute a new video is uploaded on You Tube
  • Viewers view 15 billion videos online every month
  • Uncountable number of people are gaining jobs via consultancy online
  • Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users now
  • 74% smart phone users do shopping online
  • Apple is still leading the market with the highest selling of iPhone 7
  • 50% of students between 10-18 search online for their assignments
  • Near around 75% of kids use technology to play games


So you can see that how technology embraces communication, education, entertainment and is bringing change in this world drastically. This whole world is now a WORLD WIDE WEB network and we look forward to the progression for future generation. But a call-to-action invokes many to look at the positive and negative effects of technology in our daily lives. Though change is here we have to accept it as our baby.

How technology actually connects us?

It is a reality that technological gizmos and gadgets keeps us immersed for the whole day. But let us tell you that they are indeed the best way to connect with many people. Video calls make you feel like a home away from home as it helps you to at least see your dear ones when you are not physically present with them. Or with a click of few buttons valuable information can be traded between doctors that can save thousands of lives. Everyone from an employee, apprentice and the CEO of any company functions with the use of technology. There are more such benefits of technology, we look forward to enlighten you with few.

1. Travel is easy now

Earlier when technology had not been developed that much people used to walk thousands of miles to see and talk to their loved ones or to travel for earnings. But today as we boast with high-end and fastest means of transportation it will just take you couple of hours to step into the other country. Technology has made travel so easy that distance is just a number. You can travel for the business meetings to different places and have fun with your family while traveling to different exotic holidays destinations.


2. Nurture your relations

Emerging technology with social media all the way helping you to nurture your relationships that can be personal or professional. You can connect with your business circle 24×7 and can exchange any kind of information required to flourish your business. On the other side, you can feel attached to your loved ones with video calls, phone calls, text messages, or networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram. You can’t be alone now even when you are residing in a different city.


3. The World has turned into a global village

With the help of new gizmos, you can easily barter your views, ideas, experiments, thoughts from one nook of the world to the other. Technology churned this big world into a small global village. Where you can easily come across like-minded people and you can work where ever you want. Even you can experience the different cultures, rituals, traditions, cuisines, of various countries easily.


4. Customization is easy

Most recent and high-end technology enabled tools and machines help different manufacturers or businessmen to customize the products and services the way their dear customer love to have. The magic of 3D printing software takes you the fascinated virtual world. You can get whatever design, print, the colour you want. So now no compromises you need to do.


5.  Education becomes interesting

Yes, new gained technology has made it possible for students to enjoy visual education, which is far more interesting. Digitization in education with Satellite classes, e-learning, You Tube, Google,etc give thousands of new subjects to learn to the students. It increases the curiosity as well amongst them to attend the classes every time. Their innovative ideas get support once they link up with the whole world with the help of technology.


6. Mother of employment

Technology actually is a mother of employment. The rate of employment has touched to the sky in IT industry since 15 years and still, there is a tremendous scope of different kinds of appealing and money making jobs in IT. From developer to scientist everybody from different corners of the world walk hand in hand to bring more remarkable innovations together. As the structure of IT industry is a group effort and still the job opportunities are endless here.

So dear readers Melinda Gates wife of Bill Gates and the most successful businesswomen in the world said in her speech at Duke University that they realized one thing people across the world have common regardless of social background is technology. People often said that technology drives them apart but in reality, technology helps us to get connected.

It’s your phone that keeps you in touch with your parents, wife, children, and friends from anywhere. It is the fastest Boeing airplane that takes you to a different world in just few hours, just one click from your laptop for online shopping that can get you everything to your doorstep. The progress in technology has been of great assistance to beat the diseases like cancer and HIV.

But as the excess of anything is bad and so is with technology. Take up a few minutes from your hectic schedule to connect with your heart-felt and technology for being connected. Make use of technology and if you require you can always approach and contact Hunter Consultancy which will look after any recruitment requirements for employers.

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July 21, 2017

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