What is the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship?


Nowadays, there are so many various on-the-job-training methods, such as coaching, orientation, apprenticeships, job instruction and internships. Of all these methods, there are two methods which are the most confused: internships and apprenticeships. This is because at first glance, there appears to be a fine line between them; however, they are in fact two very different methods of training.

apprenticeship and an internships



Both internships and apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular as educational options amongst college and undergraduate students. It is important to know the difference between the two, especially if you are looking to opt for such training programs.

An apprenticeship is on-the-job training, in simple words. The training is held at the actual location of work and the trainees are provided with practical knowledge whilst they learn to do the job. On the other hand, an internship allows the undergraduate students to learn specific skill sets. While they are learning the particular skill set for the work experience required in a particular field or job, there is the chance that they may get paid, unlike in an apprenticeship, where payment is guaranteed, but can be below national minimum wage.

Key differences of Apprenticeships and Internships

The two terms are distinguished further on the basis of other important characteristics. The main differences between apprenticeship and internship programmes are outlined below:

  • An apprenticeship is a training program conducted under the supervision of employers from various companies. Such programs take on the trainees and give them an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. An internship is a system of training in which the trainee gets an opportunity to just learn specific skills and knowledge, without the guarantee of earning. The skills learnt will help the trainee to get the job they are aiming for.
  • During an apprenticeship, the trainee undergoes training which involves them going through the tasks and occupations that they are required to develop the skills for. This occupation or trade is taught to the trainee. Here, the trainee gets an actual hands-on experience of the work that they will be pursuing once they get the job, and this type of experience is highly valuable when it comes to completing job applications.
  • Apprenticeship work can go on for years to receive the necessary training, whereas internships generally only proceed for periods of a couple of months. Apprenticeships generally takes much longer in comparison to internship training.
  • Apprenticeship is the type of training which is provided to prospective employees. Internship training is provided to undergraduate students, who are looking to learn the ropes of their desired field to give them a better chance of securing a job afterwards.
  • Vocational Education and Training is what apprenticeships stand for, whilst internships may or may not be attending alongside a part of formal education.

Vocational Education

As of now, skill development and experience within the field is a fundamental requirement in any economy to secure a job and that is the reason both apprenticeships and internships are becoming more and more popular.

Training methods like these outlined two not only make a person more skilled, but also make them more qualified. This is due to the hands-on experience that they receive while being trained. This in turn, improves the resume of the candidate and makes them more eligible for opportunities in future.

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June 8, 2017

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