Is the future of the UK’s I.T industry at Risk?

New research indicates that UK companies and educational institutions are facing serious consequences, hampering productivity and increasing staff workload. This UK wide digital skills deficit poses a major risk to company productivity. It has been reported that three in four UK businesses have a shortage of digital skills.

Whilst I.T has gained popularity amongst pupils, there are growing problems with finding suitable teaching staff. Without well trained and motivated teachers, industry will likely suffer in the future as the British tech industry lacks the skills to grow.

Many of the UK’s educational institutions are facing difficulty in recruiting technology, maths and science teachers. In particular, several warnings have been given by Scottish councils too, with cases across the country where it is impossible to appoint a suitable teacher.

T shortage in UK

As per a study released by BCC (British Chambers of Commerce) 84% of firms admit that they, lack the digital and IT skills they need. These skills are ever more important in running a modern enterprise, even more so than two years ago.

The I.T skills shortage in the UK is only set to worsen further, if digital skills’ deficiencies are not tackled at the core, within early education. The same survey reveals that more than 52 per cent of companies reported a slight shortage in digital competencies, out of which 21 per cent state that the shortage was “significant” and 3 per cent said that it was “critical” to their daily operations.

Is the future of the UK’s I.T industry at Risk?


STEM includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that are the core subjects for bright young talent looking to enter the IT industry. Key areas affected by a lack of STEM teachers include Highland, Moray, West Dumbarton, Falkirk, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire South Ayrshire, East Lothian, Orkney and Falkirk. Which is resulting in student’s opting out of these courses or subjects.  The situation is clearly unwelcome, since young people and business need a secure educational provision that delivers skills.

How apprenticeships are assisting the IT shortage

In the wake of a growing skills shortage, more businesses are choosing to take the costs and investment to train their own IT staff through apprenticeships. Of course, as with hiring any applicant, you need to ensure your candidate has the skills, attitude and talent to succeed. You may need someone who is probably pursuing advanced studies, because that will reflect their dedication, liking, knowledge and understanding towards the particular subject.

Despite a lack of teaching staff, there is no lack of enthusiasm for the subjects. For those companies who have the infrastructure to do so, taking on an apprentice is not only a short-term solution but a long-term investment to improve their business.

With a skills shortage, it’ more crucial than ever to turn to professionals who specialise in sourcing IT apprentices for firms of all sizes. If your business is suffering from a lack of IT talent, talk to Hunter today about how we can help.

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September 13, 2017

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