How to stand out and get your CV noticed

HR staff, recruiters and employers in general literally go through thousands of CVs during their time with the furious competition for roles in today’s job market. With thousands of graduates entering the job market every year it really is a challenge to compete for roles as a fresh graduate when you have no work experience.

Social Media and the Internet

So how can you stand out in such a competitive job market? Well, we are living in the age of the Internet and social media, these tools can enable you to find out a huge amount of information about your potential employers, they also give you opportunity to inform recruiters about yourself and why you are suitable for any available positions. Job seekers should maximize their chances by using both, social media and the Internet, to put themselves out there and in line for any potential positions.

Pitambar Dayal

Pitambar Dayal is currently in the final year of his biomedical engineering degree at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), in the United States. He went to a careers fair looking for an entry-level position in product design or sales, to stand out he chose to rap his CV instead of just handing it over. It produced great results at the time and also generated him quite a lot of interest on social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Youtube, it also got him several job offers.

Alfred Ajani

In addition to these methods, showing creativity and originality can also impress employers and take you to places where a good graduate CV cannot. In 2014 Alfred Ajani had applied for more than 300 jobs after graduating in marketing at Coventry University, he had the original idea of standing in Waterloo Station with sign advertising his skills. This landed him a marketing role at recruitment agency Asoria Group, he said: “The director walked past me when he saw me that morning, but later got in contact through LinkedIn, the company said they were looking for someone with out of the box ideas and so they were keen to get me in.”



Robby Leonardi


Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer. He does illustration, graphic design, animation and programming. After viewing an interactive CV website, he decided that he wanted to create his own unique CV that would stand out from the crowd, one that also would entertain its viewers. He brought together all of his skills and created a fantastic website that combined the visual elements of computer games and CVs to simplify all of the information. He launched the website on 10 October 2013 and promoted it using social media, after a week or so it went viral and he started to receive hundreds of emails. Eventually the website crashed because the hosting company that he had chosen could not handle such a large amount of traffic. This has helped him to get work, it encouraged news media talk about the website and he has since appeared in local and international magazines. (You can click here to view his website).

Writing a rap song, standing up with a sign or designing an interactive website may not be the way for you to stand out from the crowd, however, each of these individuals received job offers by using their own originality and creativity. They each used social media and the Internet to make themselves available to recruiters and potential employers. The real question is how can you stand out in such a competitive graduate job market?



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February 1, 2017

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