Impacts of Social Media on Employment

Social media is a key player in the job hunt industry these days. According to a survey, 60% of employers use social networking sites to search a right candidate for a particular job. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn allow employees and employers to meet at a virtual platform and get a glimpse of what both are looking for.
Social media make it very easy for every hiring manager to announce the job instantaneously without wasting time to search for portals and newspapers advertisements.

That’s why probably half of all the job seekers are active on social networking sites and more than a third of all employers utilise these sites for their hiring process.
Read these 6 impacts of social media on employment:


  1. Recruitment became instant

These days, the entire process of recruitment has became instant as the recruitment managers of a company simply posts a job on social media and started getting responses from job seekers in a minutes time. There is no wastage of time and available jobs circulate amongst a huge number of job seekers that even goes worldwide in just a few minutes.

  1. Saves time

Social media help, both employers and  job seekers to save their time. Once the employer starts getting the response from the job seekers online, they filter the profiles accordingly online. They are no needed to invite all the job seekers as it generally happens through newspaper advertising. They call for final interview the selected and best-fitted candidates and same way job seekers also get many details about the company. They can decide whether they actually want to go for it or not.

  1. Cost-less

Hiring becomes cost-less for the company if hiring managers put their jobs requirement on social media. They are not required to bear the cost of publishing an advertisement in newspapers or purchase a portal. Just one post on different social networking sites can easily get them a candidate they are looking for.

  1. Professional image

In many cases, employers are able to get a good or a bad feel about the candidate’s personality. Images on social networking depict the professional attributes as well of the candidates apart from that the projects which they have done so far. Accounts on social networking sites also show the interest and preferences of the job seekers.

  1. Can be a rejection point

If, social media is a boon to the employers then it can be a doom for employees. Profiles, pictures and post on social media account can give a negative impact to the interviewer. Hiring managers can find things obscene which a job seeker may have found interesting. So, this can give a negative impact as well; so it’s always advisable to keep your social media account decent.

  1. Chances of deception

Social media is full of fake profiles. It is highly possible that job seekers made an impressive and attracting profile to get selected in the initial rounds of the interview. Employers cannot assess easily about the profiles and pictures posted on a wall. So, chances of selection of lurkers increase instead of genuine candidates.
An excess of social networking is not fruitful if you want to have a genuine, effective and efficient recruitment. Hiring managers can use it as a tool to screen the job seekers at the very initial step but not totally dependent on it.


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August 21, 2017

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