Job Review Sites, Useful or Useless

Despite the recession of 2008 and a very high ratio of applicants to job roles, employees still have a lot of power. Employer review sites such as and have become popular among savvy graduates and curious job searchers who need advice in choosing an organisation to work for.

Employer review sites give individuals the ability to look at employee reviews of popular organisations, giving them the ability to gain a unique insight into the organisation they may be working for. The ability to check this in the past was extremely limited.

Often the only chance someone had to check the credibility of a potential employer was by finding a friend or a friend of a friend who had worked at said organisation before. Assuming that that person hadn’t scared you half-to-death with tales of axe wielding line managers, individuals were given a very limited view of an organisation. Employer review sites give information on salaries, benefits, interviews and company backgrounds.

Individuals can vote with their feet and view a summary of company reviews. These sites give people the chance to have more of an objective view companies. It gives people the opportunity to go into organisations a with their eyes a little more open.

Companies need to be aware of the importance of the candidate experience in attraction, selection, assessment and development of staff. These opinions and experiences with the advent of employee review sites can travel very far and have the potential to be damaging for organisations.

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Grace Mansah- Owusu

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Grace is a business psychologist and writer who enjoys helping organisations solve human resource problems. She has worked in a number of sectors such as: education, transport, telecommunications and hospitality.

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February 1, 2017

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