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Our client is looking for a junior full-stack engineer to provide long-term maintenance and feature development support on a “movement intelligence” platform for a small business in an early growth phase.


This is a great opportunity for someone looking to challenge themselves on a cross-technology project and graduate into senior engineering.
First and foremost, the project is in two parts: a legacy system in .NET, deployed to Azure and sometimes on-premises; and a next-gen system in a Linux-based environment, both bare-metal and cloud deployments, mostly in the Java ecosystem. Fluency with these baseline technologies is essential.

  • You will favour autonomy in your work over exact direction, be highly organized in tracking outstanding work, and proactive in discovering new things to do, particularly regarding architecture, features and optimizations.
  • You err on the side of simplicity and parsimony in your work, introducing new technologies only where necessary, and are not afraid to “reinvent” drastically simpler solutions (rather than using something off the shelf) if the system would benefit from it.
  • You have no problem with upfront architectural and design discussions prior to writing code, and you value design processes that seek to eliminate risk and maximize understanding ahead of production work.
  • You are familiar with an asynchronous processing pipeline, the concepts involved, and the pitfalls therein. You understand how this is supported by a message-queue heavy architecture, and asynchronous processing in distributed systems in general.
  • You are comfortable working in a semi-embedded environment, where you may have to deal with constrained resources, and are comfortable with the tools for performance analysis and optimization.
  • You understand the difference between RPC and a bidirectional network protocol, and are comfortable designing and implementing the latter.
  • You are comfortable with relational databases and understand relational modelling in particular.
  • You are proficient with Git and understand distributed version control concepts clearly. You are happy to communicate with the team primarily over Slack and Skype, or other equivalent technologies.
  • You are comfortable dealing with cryptography via the use of libraries, and you are familiar with the various forms of cryptography.
  • The quality of your written and spoken English is impeccable.


Must have


  • Experience with and understanding of client-server architecture, particularly API-building
  • Java experience and solid understanding of OO
  • SQL experience (any database) and solid understanding of relational database concepts
  • Linux experience, incl. some operations or administrative experience
  • HTML/CSS/JS experience, and React/Redux experience strongly preferred


You will be required to attend the office in East London university during normal office hours, and occasionally asked to install, maintain or repair equipment on customer sites around London.
The company will offer share options, vesting at an appropriate schedule. This will be explained during the interview and is an opportunity to profit considerably from the overall success of the company.

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January 19, 2018