What to Look for When Applying for Apprenticeships

When you are applying for apprenticeship positions, you are likely to be very focused on impressing your potential employers with your well thought out applications and CVs. Amidst all your excitement, it can be easy to forget that it should actually be your first priority to ensure that the position is really what you are looking for before even applying for it. It is not only the choice of the employer as to who they recruit, but it is also your choice as to where you would like to work.

If you do not consider each position carefully before applying, you could end up in a job which is not particularly suitable for you. Instead, it is highly advisable to look into what each apprenticeship entails before applying and then only apply to the positions you feel you would really like to attain, and which are suitable for the career you want to pursue.

The following considerations should be taken into account when you are looking for suitable position to apply for.

Look for opportunities

  • Look for opportunities – If you are looking for a trailblazer apprenticeship, it goes without saying that you want an opportunity to progress and get into the industry of your choice, and you need to look for an employer who will allow you to grow. An employer who gives you an apprenticeship job should not hesitate to enable you to learn a series of skills that will help you to gain the knowledge you need to move upwards.


  • Work and learning experience – Working in time will no doubt teach you the job essentials, but it will also limit your learning in the field. It is of great importance to choose an employer who allows you to learn in depth about the field you are relating too. Look for an employer who will let you combine learning in the workplace with formal educational training which usually takes place outside the normal working environment.


  • Pays you rightfully – It is a fact that an apprenticeship will probably not ensure you a great pay check, but you should aim to look for an employer who will pay you a decent, legal salary. Check online to see how much you should be able to earn in an apprenticeship considering your age. Remember, you will need to take into account any living costs you have and the travel costs to get back and forth to your workplace.


  • Duration – Unlike an internship, an apprenticeship usually lasts longer, so you will need to consider how long you will be working as an apprentice before you are qualified. Consider where you would like to be in the future, and how long you will be able to live on the lesser salary of an apprentice. However, you also need to be realistic thinking about how long it will take you to learn the trade you are going into. A long enough apprenticeship training that will allow you to complete apprenticeship successfully, by gaining the knowledge will be the one that will be sufficient for you to apply for your desired job, but don’t pick an apprenticeship which last longer than really necessary.


For more information and advice on applying for apprenticeships, contact us. Our professionals will be able to give you the guidance you need to get started.

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June 19, 2017

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