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Permanent RecruitmentThe UK is one of the world’s leading IT sectors, over the last century the UK has consistently delivered ground-breaking contributions to global Information Technology. Over the decades we have seen a massive growth in the demand for skilled IT workers, however, we are currently experiencing a massive IT skills shortage. This makes it of great importance for UK employers to hire the best staff and to keep them.

Learning about our clients helps us to understand their culture and requirements, this enables us to find the right person with the necessary skills and experience. However, we appreciate that it is not just about the skills of the candidate, their personality type, employment achievements and communication skills are also a crucial factor when it comes to matching the applicant to the role.

We understand that not every permanent contract will be successful, therefore, we are happy to look for a replacement if one of our candidates leaves their position within the agreed rebate period. Our flexible approach enables our clients to achieve cost benefits while attracting high quality staff to their organisations, this includes our introductory rate that is available until June 30 2017.

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January 30, 2017