Recruitment Process

IT Recruitment Process

We generally follow a three stage recruitment process, however, this can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

1.Define the role

This is where it all begins. We work with you to create a job description and job specification that clearly define what you are looking for in an employee. After we have defined the role we can then develop a strategy to attract the ideal candidate for this new position.

2.Attract potential employees

Here we use the information gained during the initial stage to help to select the most suitable candidate. After we have created the job advertisement, we can post the role on a network of more than 800 job boards; we also have access to a CV database with more than 9.8m candidates. Social media platforms are also an excellent tool to share information about the role and to communicate with potential candidates.

At a minimum we like to conduct a one to one interview with the candidate, this is either face to face, over Skype or over the telephone. During this stage we will inform them about your company culture and the potential job role.

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3.Select right people

In order to ensure that problems do not crop up in the future we perform checks on our candidates to validate their work history and key attributes.

We can also use sophisticated psychometric testing and analysis tools to gain a clearer picture of the candidate’s personality type, and strengths and weaknesses.

Our bespoke service aims to follow your desired recruitment process, we can work with you make an offer that will impress and satisfy the candidate to ensure that they you recruit the ideal candidate.

January 30, 2017