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software development apprenticeships london

Software Development Apprenticeships London

Whilst in the 21st Century it can still be invaluable, or even essential to your career to have a degree, it is now equally, if not more important to have practical working experience. On the job work experience gives you the ability and skills to stand out and allows you to improve performance and learning on the job.

There are certain skills which cannot be taught in the four walls of a university that you’ll pick up much more easily actually doing the job. An apprenticeship grants you the opportunity to develop your skills and experience, whilst continuing to learn in a supportive job environment.

Top Reasons to Consider Hunter Consultancy

  • Tailored support to find your ideal apprentice or apprenticeship
  • Advice on developing your apprenticeship program
  • Years of IT recruitment experience
  • Up to date knowledge of apprenticeships to ensure compliance
  • Quick results, finding the best opportunities for you

If you’re not sure about going into higher education, university or are just looking to continue learning whilst earning some money, an apprenticeship may be the perfect route for you. Whilst training on an apprenticeship, you are an employee of the firm and are provided training accordingly, treated as a member of the team. Many young peoples’ first thoughts of an apprenticeship are that you’ll be working in manual roles, however, there are 1,000’s of opportunities within IT for apprenticeships. For example, Software Development Apprenticeship London grants you the opportunity for training along with a salary whilst working towards your qualification.

Whilst apprenticeships are superb for young people, they’re also amazing for growing businesses, large and small. It may give you the opportunity to take on a new member of staff, mould them into the skills you need them, whilst allowing them to take on some of the responsibilities you may not have the time or skills to do yourself.

Whilst there are many companies that may prefer or even require a university degree, a growing number of companies would rather take on a practical apprenticeship scheme as they can easily hire their apprentices as permanent employees after completion of the qualification, having had the chance to mould the individual. When looking at taking on an apprentice, or embarking on an apprenticeship, you’ll want to assess the details of your chosen course, as even within each field there are a huge number of options available.

There are approximately 250 types of apprenticeship within the UK, with over 100,000 employers offering schemes. The Government recognises the increased value to employers of apprenticeships and is increasing funding to allow more young people to enrol. There has never been a better time to start an apprenticeship, and whilst your friends are still at school or university, you’ll be learning new skills and getting paid. If you’re interested in an IT Software Development Apprenticeship in London, Hunter Consultancy can help you find the course right for you. Equally, if you’re looking for a young software developer, we’re able to help you’re your ideal candidate.

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Eligibility for Apprenticeships:

If you’re over the age of 16 you should be eligible to become an apprentice.

Entry requirements are dependent of level of apprenticeship you’re looking at, from GCSE, to A level. Salary, hours and qualifications will vary dependent on level of apprenticeship but there are often flexible hours available for those looking for a part time opportunity.

As a minimum, apprentices are offered 16 hours of work per week by their employer, however, it is not uncommon for apprentices to work full-time hours, allowing them to get into the rhythm of a full working day. Working hours will differ from company to company and there may be additional perks and bonuses. The amount of holiday that the company offers may differ but most companies provide at least 20 days of paid leave – and you’ll also have bank holidays. Whilst salary can vary dramatically from apprenticeship to apprenticeship, typically a Software Development Apprentice in London would be looking at £200-250 a week, or £10,000 – 12,000 per year.

Whilst you’ll likely finish school in the summer, there are no specific dates for enrolment; you can apply at any time of the year. Start dates depend on company policy and when you’d be looking to start. Whilst some of the well known companies recruit apprentices directly, it is much more common for them to enlist the help of specialist agencies. By speaking to an agency such as Hunter Consultancy, you ensure that you have all the information to find you the most suitable apprenticeship. There is an incorrect assumption that the apprentice would have to pay the agency to find them an apprenticeship, but this is not the case – steer clear of any company that tries to charge you.

Another important aspect that apprentices are concerned about is the duration of their apprenticeship. Apprenticeship norms are that the apprenticeship can be anywhere between one to four years, depending on level of apprenticeship. There are various levels of achievement required by the apprentice to progress to the next level.

There are three levels to complete your apprenticeship; the starting level entirely depends on your qualification. Your growth also depends on opportunities available to you in your field and how well you perform at your work as well as your field of interest. For example, it’s highly likely that upon completing your software development apprenticeship you’ll be in a position to take on a full time software developer’s role.

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Three Levels of Apprenticeship:

Intermediate Apprenticeship:

An apprenticeship at this stage is equivalent to five pass grade GCSEs and is unlikely to require any prior qualifications to enrol.  Most apprentices at this stage are exposed to work based any attainments they already have, key skills required for working, as well as knowledge based qualifications like BTEC. Personality, desire to learn new skills and develop as well as experience in software development will also play a key role in being accepted. Passing at this level grants you the entry to the next level.

Advanced Apprenticeship:

This stage is equivalent to two A- level passes. An apprentice can enter an advanced apprenticeship if they have five GCSEs at grade C higher, or having completed their Intermediate Apprenticeship. This level will provide you with additional opportunities to develop and grow your future career, more than the intermediate apprenticeship. Completion will allow you to progress to the higher apprenticeship.

Higher Apprenticeship:

A higher apprenticeship can only be undertaken after first completing the advance apprenticeship. This is the final stage of apprenticeship, often providing a higher salary and increased number of working hours – usually full time. Generally Hunter Consultancy Software Development Apprenticeships in London last 15 months and offer the chance for full time employment on completion.

How Does an Apprenticeship Work?

The majority of the training of your apprenticeship is carried out at the work place. Generally you’ll be working alongside the other members of a given department or team and will be exposed to likeminded professionals, already performing the role.

Whilst there’ll likely be structure, training and responsibility, the level of involvement will determine how much you take away from the apprenticeship. Additionally, applying what you learn to your work will be crucial to success. At Hunter Consultancy we can help you find the path to some of the best IT departments in the region if you choose to do your Software Development Apprenticeships in London through us.

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Who Can Apply for Apprenticeship?

If you wish to apply for an apprenticeship you cannot continue with full-time education and must be 16 years old or above. Those who leave school early will be unable to start an apprenticeship until they reach the final Friday of June in their academic year, of their 16th birthday. Age requirements may also vary from business to business.

Whilst there are no specific age limits for apprentices, most agencies are reluctant to accept candidates above 24 years of age for apprenticeships as typically businesses prefer school leavers. Additionally, you must be a British citizen for 3 years or more before applying. It is important to consider the fact that an over-qualified person will not be accepted for an apprenticeship and may be better seeking full time employment.

Some of our clients require recruits with an existing minimum level of knowledge within their field for instance, current vacancies for Software Development Apprenticeships for London require applicants to have basic knowledge about Java,, PHP or more.

At Hunter Consultancy we are known as specialists in offering Software Development Apprenticeships across London. This reputation has come through providing relevant, enthusiastic apprentices and placing them in engaging apprenticeships giving them the opportunity to grow.

Your apprenticeship should be based on a specific structure built in a manner that enhances and develops skills of the apprentice as well as fulfils the needs of the employer. It should be structured in a way that the employer can constructively grow and analyse the apprentice’s potential and skills. Agencies such as Hunter Consultancy will be able to suggest and recommend employers to find the best apprenticeship for you. We can also advise businesses on structuring their course to fulfil their needs, however they need to keep in mind the basic framework of apprenticeship:

  • Consider the technical skills required by your apprentice. The apprenticeship’s technical certificate will reflect the learned technical skills, knowledge, understanding and accomplishments of the apprentice.
  • The competency qualification resembles the performance and professionalism of the apprentice. Based on these skills you can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your apprentice.
  • An apprentice is required to have a certain level of key skills, also known as functional skills. The level of these skills depends on which apprenticeship level they are undertaking but expectations will increase as apprentices move through the levels. Key skills will not only cover specific skills such as C# coding, but also general skills such as independent and collaborative working.
  • ERR (Employer Rights and Responsibilities) indicate that you recognise and appreciate areas such as employment Health, legislation and safety. This is a vital step to take in order to be considered for an apprenticeship.

What Qualifications Can an Apprentice Hope to Achieve?

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications through practical application and a full or part time job role. Depending on the level of apprenticeship you’re looking at, you may finish with qualifications equivalent to GCSEs, all the way to degree level qualifications.

Perhaps more important, however, you’ll be ahead of your peers in higher education as you’ll have a wealth of on the job experience that is invaluable to potential employers. Perhaps even more exciting, many of Hunter Consultancy’s partners offer employment opportunity after the apprenticeship is completed. Whilst combining work with study and earning a salary, you will not have to pay the same fees as those going to university and therefore won’t leave with debts.

Why Choose Hunter Consultancy

Hunter Consultancy Ltd are experts in IT recruitment, specialising in apprenticeships. We have the resources to provide our clients with recruits from beginner to professional level and are dedicated to growing businesses and careers. With experience primarily across the Midlands and London, we have the capability to place apprentices across the UK.

Hunter Consultancy provides the highest quality apprentice recruitment service with proficiency in IT recruitment. As a candidate we can help you find the perfect opportunity for you, whatever your circumstances. As an employer we can work with you to develop your apprenticeship to fulfil your business needs. We work with all candidates individually before making recommendations to clients in order to save time and money in their hiring process. We are passionate and dedicated to our work and ensure that our clients get to recruit some of the smartest minds entering the industry.

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What are the advantages of software development apprenticeship?

With the rise in the tuition fees, it is becoming very difficult for students to keep up with expensive education. With such surroundings where the tuition fees are sky rocketing, we understand how you seem to be looking for alternate educational opportunities. Software Development Apprenticeships London is one of the best alternative methods of gaining qualification. It is another way that allows to you gain practical knowledge about different careers.

Tech Partnership has revealed in their research that the UK needs 134,000 new tech specialists every year. As per that our calculation, there are two in five companies seeking to recruit software developers. But, unfortunately the requirements of these companies are not always met, as it is hard to fill the vacancies.

We believe that you must be aware about how difficult it is for small businesses to keep up in the digital race. It is difficult for start-up business firms to match their pace with the digital race, especially if they are lacking tech talent. Without the necessary tech talent it can feel like a losing battle for such companies. Thus you see there is a great requirement of Software Development Apprenticeships London.

The shortage of digital talent only assures that it is a skill set that needs to grow. Software Development Apprenticeships London is that requirement, which ensures benefit to business and has future benefits for students in UK.

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Advantages of Software Development Apprenticeships London

Structured Programme

At Hunter we understand the importance of a structured programme; as we offer an apprenticeship programme wherein you will be literally working in a structured training format.

Software Development Apprenticeships London allows you to work towards your qualification. The training will assist you in gaining the required skills and knowledge you require to be eligible to succeed in your respective apprenticeship programme.

Lower upfront costs

Apprenticeship has the biggest advantage when it comes to cost, because you are not spending too much money like you would have to get a college degree. Due to the renewed funding by government it has now become easier to get an access to apprenticeship funds.

Depending on your age, you have access up to 100% of the cost of training an apprentice. No doubt you will pay less and an apprentice salary will reflect their trainee status. Paying a significantly less value will rescue you from being a graduate burdened with thousands of pounds of university debt.

Faster and immediate impact

Training providers, particularly our consultancy, ensures that you quickly experience return on investment for your new recruit. We are proud to let you know that apprenticeship provides every help possible for you; it develops training programmes to sourcing and recruiting high quality candidates. Beside Software Development Apprenticeships London, there are other apprenticeship options such as database development, technical support and digital marketing.

Long-term benefits

Apprenticeship has long-term advantage amongst all the other benefits it provides. As bringing in, a software development apprentice will suffice the requirements in your team and will free up current employees.

Being part of the tech team will help you gain more knowledge and experience that will be beneficial for you in a long run. Remember your future, as software development apprentice is bright, as you will get to run the digital aspect of the business.

The long-term benefit can also come in form of opportunities presented to you by the firm you are training in as the tech-savvy apprentice. Being responsible will keep you under focus and benefit you by set of priorities, potentially saving time and boosting your post.

Software Development Apprenticeships London, promises to give you the opportunity to mould your skillset to suit your business needs. Pursuing skill set will only reflect positively in your apprenticeship career and it will definitely help to drive future success.

According to the National Apprenticeship Service, hiring a software development apprenticeship could even attract new customers. A survey research might surprise you as, more than 80% of people are more likely to use a business that offers apprenticeships to young people. Across the whole of UK there are creative mind and tech – savvy young people waiting to channel their energy, enthusiasm and fresh innovative ideas.

Early start

Apprenticeship gives you an early start in the job field, because you are not just going to college and reading and writing papers to pass the test related to the subject. Here, in your Software Development Apprenticeships London, you are opting for the practical knowledge.

This only allows you to understand first hand instead of theories. As you see, the time you spend in your apprenticeship is not only the education that you are receiving but you are in fact receiving a head start in your career.


Apprenticeship is as good as being an employee; as, you are an employee who is being trained to work. Getting into early employment will only give you the potential to progress in your career quickly. You can also begin to earn a good salary much earlier on in your life.

Experience always counts; it puts you in the habit of working and gives you practical knowledge. Employees seek for and value people with practical knowledge. Many employees today are privileged to hire apprentice who are keen on learning and gaining experience for their career. Software Development Apprenticeships London gives you fantastic experience in the working world.

The practical training gives you a real chance to put your skills into practice. Apprenticeship helps you to gain more confidence in a working environment. The experience and knowledge you gain from Software Development Apprenticeships London will help you to be successful earlier in your career.

Plus it is most desirable for students who will prefer to work, rather than study all day for varied learning experience. It is all about learning while processing practical knowledge. One of the most desirable advantage sis that you will earn while you learn.

March 17, 2017