Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester

Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester

We’re all aware of the ever changing landscape of modern tech. These days, companies are exploiting the advantages of these new possibilities which is rapidly driving the growth of the tech industry in the major British economical hubs. This has created a surge in demand for development professionals and in turn, new ways to acquire people with professional skills that will contribute towards these businesses growth. In other words, this means that apprentices are in great demand.

Hunter Consultancy is a leading provider of Software Development Apprenticeships in Manchester with numerous roles available at any one time, across all levels of education. Our apprentices work in large, medium and small companies, across the booming IT hubs. We’re seen as a key provider of apprenticeships in Manchester.

Software Development Apprentices at Hunter Consultancy are able to fill a number of roles, which provide them with the opportunity to be a part of our clients’ innovative teams. You’ll need to be passionate about quality, technology and service. At the same time, you may need to have had exposure to code languages such as C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Software Development Apprenticeships in Manchester are specially designed training programmes that assist you in gaining hands on experience within the IT sector and in learning new practical skills, whilst also earning a qualification.

These training programmes involve real work both on and off the job which is a part of the learning and training process. Whether you are a school leaver or have been in or are already employed or seeking to start a new career, our development apprenticeships is open to each one of you.

Levels of Apprenticeships at Hunter Consultancy

Apprenticeships have been increasingly recognised as the ‘golden standard’ for work-related training and at Hunter Consultancy, we offer school leavers an advanced level of apprenticeship. In this level, our apprentices get the opportunity to gain practical experience in the IT sector under the guidance of qualified members from our team.

At Hunter Consultancy, we provide variety of training programmes to school leavers, as well as apprentices to companies. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Java Developer
  • Web Developer Apprentice
  • Data Processing and Web Survey Programming Trainee
  • Software Developer Apprentice

These apprenticeships provided by us will surely add up significant value to your CV and ensure that you get a fantastic learning experience in your first job.

Advantages of Software Development Apprenticeships in Manchester

With hubbub surrounding the increase in training fee, as a school leaver you would be finding different ways to add in more qualifications to your curriculum vitae. But hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea to get qualified through apprenticeships and enter the different careers?

If you are wondering which apprenticeship would be the right choice, then you have come to the right place. At Hunter Consultancy, we offer school leavers some of the best apprenticeships, in the industry with the opportunity to progress from apprenticeship to full time employment.

As well as a salary and qualification our apprenticeships ensure that you gain the real world experience giving you an edge over your peers. Moreover, keeping a step ahead of the crowd as an apprentice means that you are on the path of taking advantage of every possible opportunity. Whilst your peers may be continuing into higher education you will be earning money and valuable experience that employers want to see.

At Hunter Consultancy, we understand that as a school leaver you not only want to gain knowledge and experience, but want to earn as well. And what could be better than joining a digital apprenticeship, which will give you financial independence as well as qualifications with no debt?

Here, we have compiled a list of advantages that you will receive by taking up our apprenticeships:

Professional Training

An apprenticeship is typically an informative education as well as on the job training, wherein you gain hands on experience within the industry. Software Development Apprenticeships in Manchester provides aspiring school leavers like you the chance to learn and unveil your skills in a competitive working environment. With Hunter Consultancy’s select client base this is an experience not offered to many.

Practical Experience

At Hunter Consultancy, apprenticeships are created by employers offering a structured programme, training school leavers with skills that they need in order to be successful. Being one of them you get the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable and qualified professionals. At the same time, you may receive additional external training by specialist organisations. You will work on setting targets with your new employer to ensure that you are well supported and are growing at a steady pace.

Career Knowledge

Apprenticeships can have a huge impact on your future career direction. By applying for a Hunter Consultancy apprenticeship you become capable of identifying which positions suit you the best. You’ll have more career doors opened for you, as apply your practical skills, as well as reveal your strengths. As an apprentice you will also gain further knowledge and advice related to your chosen subject from the experienced members of our team.

Improved Self-Confidence

This is one stage of life where you may encounter stumbling blocks which may dent your self-confidence. These hurdles can come in many forms of uncertainty, such as unrealistic images of career path or unrealistic expectations due to lack of experience. However, an apprenticeship can give you the opportunity to raise your self-confidence as you feel a sense of belonging with your chosen company. Additionally, through on the job training with dedicated professionals you will gain a better understanding of what’s expected from you in your future career and how you can grow and develop.

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Why Choose Us For Your Software Development Apprenticeships in Manchester?

An apprenticeship is a great way to draw in school leavers with fresh and new ideas and with a UK-wide shortage in talent, it’s now more important than ever. For your business to gain new ideas and grow at a steady pace, it requires new people to create and execute them. It may not always be viable and may be a significant risk for smaller businesses to take on full time employees, therefore opting for an apprentice may make for a better option

At Hunter Consultancy, our apprentices are trained and developed appropriate training apprenticeships which will help grow your company. Our apprenticeship programmes will also allow you to help your local school leavers in terms of development opportunities.

Why Take on an Apprentice?

We have taken the liberty to list down a few reasons for taking on a Software Development Apprentice in Manchester and we’re happy to share advice when looking for ways to grow your company.

Here is a list of reasons to consider taking on an apprentice:

Embraces Company Culture

At present, the UK government is actively trying to produce a generation of software coders, who are currently looking to enter the workforce. If you are a company with long-term planning, then you can take advantage of this opportunity by allowing these school leavers to start their work life in your organisation.

By taking on someone straight out of education you allow yourself to train them within your work culture that will boost their commitment towards your business objectives. This can reinforce your company’s culture, as well as provide a steady supply of technically skilled new recruits.

Creates a Culture of Learning

When you are introducing young and passionate apprentices to your company, you are indirectly contributing towards a culture of learning. Throughout their Software Development Apprenticeship they will be learning all the latest techniques and information regarding their chosen subject area.

By integrating these cutting edge skills early, they will be transferred to your company’s competency, setting you up for the future. With a fresh flow of ideas and skills you may even be surprised by the reverse transfer between your apprentices and supervisor. This will naturally only benefit your company.

Meets Business’ Specific Needs

Every apprentice studies for a nationally recognised qualification, which ultimately contributes a certified and experienced employee for the sector as a whole. The universal structure of the qualification enables the apprentice, as well as employer to choose optional units, which are appropriate for your company and job role.

The flexible nature of a Software Development Apprenticeship in Manchester allows you to identify and then address your specific business needs. This way you create an atmosphere where your future employees will appreciate company ethics, thereby contributing towards your business’ future.

Cost Effective

Recently, the government increased the apprentice minimum wage by 57p an hour to £3.30. This is less than half the national minimum wage, which is £6.70 per hour. Whilst an increase in minimum wage may not look like it good thing, it will contribute to a happier, more motivated apprentice and has led to an increase in interest amongst young people in apprentice schemes. Whilst you’ll need to support and nurture your apprentice, they are less than half the cost of a full time employee.

Currently, the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers is available for up to 5 apprentices, which is a £1,500 grant towards employing an apprentice. In order to be eligible, your apprentice must be aged 16-24 years old and have less than 50 employees. Combined with the decreased wage rates of employing an apprentice and the scheme is incredibly appealing to small businesses looking to grow.

About Hunter Consultancy

We at Hunter Consultancy, have internal resources to cater to your apprentice needs and we take pride in our skilled and trained recruitment specialists. All our consultants have experience in sourcing candidates across the IT sector, particularly with regards to apprenticeships. We are happy to share advice on the industry and what will work best for you with regards to Software Development Apprenticeships in Manchester having gained local knowledge and experience.

Our passion for Information Technology is as broad as the roles we work on – able to source candidates from intermediate apprentice to seasoned professionals. We assure our candidates and clients that we have a healthy interest in our field and this is what allows us to pair appropriate candidates with appropriate roles.

Finally, our qualified and proficient experts take out the necessary time to provide our candidates with the information they need to prepare in order to guide them on their path to success!

For more information on our recruitment services call us on 0115 822 6577 / 0207 078 7318. You can even drop in a mail on

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Introduction to Higher Degree Apprenticeship

One certain aspect of apprenticeship is that the higher apprenticeship programs were introduced in 2009. Originally it was in the IT and Engineering sectors such as Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester. It has now expanded into most of the other categories such as management apprenticeship, etc.

They are different from Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeships, which we at Hunter consultancy believe that they work best in cases. A higher degree apprenticeship provides a combination of on and off, the job training. This benefits by giving the employers the most skilled and up to date employees for their industries.

They are now available at levels 4 to 7, with 4 and 5 being equivalent to a professional qualification. Also level 6 and 7 are equating to Degree apprenticeships, which is Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

The employers are happy to reward with level 6 or 7 apprenticeship to their most skilled and up to date employees of their industries. The job market today is looking for employees with exceptional qualities and higher standard. Thus, to say the least in order to get a job you must be experienced and competitive enough.

The jobs market, as you may have heard or experienced, is tough these days. More people are competing for fewer job vacancies, making it more important than ever to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

So the question arises of what are employers looking for? What can struck their fancy when choosing their employees? We at Hunter know that qualification, surely is one of the key but there are pretty good chances of you competing against other well qualified candidates also.

That can put you on edge, therefore to avoid such situation we suggest opting for a higher degree apprenticeship that will definitely help to get you a brownie point. The degree apprenticeship such as Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester will be the qualifying quality education which employers look for in their employees.

Use degree apprenticeship for your employees

Degree apprenticeship is a part of apprenticeship programmes. The new route of degree apprenticeship has been of great benefit for training existing staff for career progression.

Degree apprenticeship enables the staff to up skill and reskill on the job. Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester allows the employees to address critical skills. A degree apprenticeship is their workforce for the jobs of the future. What makes degree apprenticeship more appealing is that if you have a degree in a different discipline, you are still eligible to gain new skills through a degree apprenticeship.

Many employers favour degree apprenticeship, as it is the element that helps in identifying the potential of their staff. Employers are more than happy to invest for the development of their employee. This investment from employers shows how much they value their employees.

Offering degree apprenticeship program improves job satisfaction, as you are gaining more than just money for the work you are appointed for, you are given privilege to learn. Degree apprenticeship is known to increase motivation and nurtures a greater sense of loyalty.

Though degree apprenticeship goes hand in hand with work, it still requires a lot of determination and discipline to complete the apprenticeship successfully. Hunter Consultancy understands and is set to motivate and ensure you by considering certain points you can definitely make degree apprenticeship works for you.

Consider the following points that will make degree apprenticeship work

It works in employees favour

Higher Apprenticeship are great for employers, because with employees who are well trained, guarantees excellent work. With employees who are top-notch calibre, fulfil employers’ need to stay ahead of the curve by employing the best-trained staff.

It increases scope

Having a degree apprentice like Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester mentioned on the CV, impresses the potential employers, thereby enhancing the job seekers’ chances to get a better job. Last year reportedly the Government announced that they intended to increase the scope of degree apprenticeships by developing new courses in different sectors.

Currently hunter offers the study for a degree apprenticeship in the fields of business and administration, accounting, engineering technology, IT, Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester, and more varying levels. You see how flexible we are when offering apprenticeship, it gives us immense pleasure to present you with opportunities in various fields.

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Degree apprenticeships is used to address current and future skills gaps

The degree apprenticeship standards are designed to raise and standardise the skill level. It has aimed to reach the competency of a range of occupations and is known to assist businesses. It definitely has potential to work as the building skills pipeline to fulfil future roles of Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester.

It is a work based training programme

Employers highly make use of degree apprenticeships, as it is a work based training programme. Employers understand how they are investing in development of staff, which will only enable them to gain valuable skills.

The reason behind the success of degree apprenticeship is that, it has highly sought after areas such as leadership and management and digital technology. When you opt for a work based training programme you have enrolled to apply those skills to their role immediately.

Building this pipeline of skills from within is a solid way to future-proof your organisation and ‘win’ the war on talent, this is the purpose of Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester.

Employers can use levy pot to train employees

It was a myth that apprenticeship is only for new recruits who are entry level, but it is contradictory to the popular belief. Employers can use the levy pot for those employees who are becoming interested in degree apprenticeships.

The levy can help older staff looking to up skill and can unlock the talent within their existing workforce. The training needs to be efficient with an approved apprenticeship standard or framework.

The apprenticeship levy can become a possibility when proposed to an employee that meets the eligibility criteria for Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester.

Can be used in developing

Everyone seeks for development on the professional front. At Hunter, we know that, degree apprenticeship is that opportunity that is given to staff members to develop their career via various degree apprenticeships.

Hunter offers a change in career or a boost and more knowledge via the Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree or Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester.

As an employer, you might have fair idea about your clients who has expressed an interest or showing flair in software development or digital and technology.

In this scenario, the good thing about degree apprenticeships is that they enable this change to happen. We create programmes, which use tutor-supported blended learning delivery methods. This will give the employees flexibility in the way in which they can study the academic modules of the degree apprenticeship.

They can choose how, where, when, online and across multiple devices, there training can proceed. The flexibility provided is for people to make the most out of the time and support. With the given considerations one should be able to cope with this as part of their existing role and Software Development Apprenticeships Manchester.

There are various advantages of degree apprenticeship and it plays an important role as it is serving the purpose of imparting knowledge to those to wish to learn more. The various points above should help to clear the doubts in your minds regarding how efficient is degree apprenticeship.

March 17, 2017