What is the STEM Shortage and What’s Being Done?

It’s universally acknowledged that there is a shortage of technical skills’ experts in the UK. This has raised questions as to whether the UK has the skills to keep up in IT industry.

Why is the IT industry in the UK being threatened? What’s causing the skills shortage? The root is lack of skilled applicants.


Due to the shortage of skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) vacancies for teachers for these subjects are hard to fill. This is unfortunately forcing students to drop these subjects and is causing the skill gap.

Immediate action was needed, pushing the UK to come up with plans to tackle the STEM skills shortage. With the assistance of businesses, free skills funding for adults and apprenticeships, the government hopes to reverse the shortage before it becomes irreversible.

The root of this growing skills’ gap comes in the form of threatened education, from school to university and workplace training. However, even with the governments’ new plans, at current rates, it will be difficult for the UK to bring about a positive change in the IT shortage situation.

How is it affecting UK Businesses?

Despite the government’s long-term solution to solve the IT skills shortage, in the meantime, businesses are struggling to fill the positions they need to function.

There is an ever-growing number of businesses which depend on IT skills and technology.

What is the STEM Shortage and What’s Being Done?

There are various schemes available from the most basic level, including training basic digital skills free for adults who lack relevant qualifications. This initiative has been focused to eradicate the lack of digital skills in more than 10 million adults in England. A basic level of technical competence is a necessity in today’s digital economy.

By investing more heavily in STEM the government hopes to reverse the IT teaching shortage and minimise the struggle to generate skilled people. It has been reported that the government is making sure that all adults who require the training will receive free training in digital skills to equip them for the modern world.

The initiative will see courses delivered by colleges and other adult education providers, with training provided from the existing Adult Education Budget.

Rise of Apprenticeships

To nurture STEM talent apprenticeship schemes businesses have been working with educational institutions to improve apprenticeship schemes. Hunter Consultancy is doing their part too to ensure the next generation of IT professionals are sourced, trained and become successful. We are using our network of employers to fill the skill gap and raise awareness to create skills for the UK’s digital economy.

Digital apprenticeships have increased 21% and are making a significant impact on training of the next generation of IT professionals. With access to more apprenticeships and degree apprenticeship opportunities, enthusiastic young professionals are given access to improved workplace training and experience. Despite significant time investment on the company’s part, the long-term benefit is worthwhile.

If your business has been affected by the growing IT skills shortage, talk to Hunter today to discuss how we can help.

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September 13, 2017

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