Targeting apprenticeships for Ofsted Reports


Apprenticeship programs are often highly considered by students post school or college. It is important as it gives practical experience in their desired professional field. Not only that, but the UK government is keen to see the rise of apprenticeship and hopes to see the development of youth. Therefore, they have established a concept of apprenticeship levy, which is meant to give boost to apprenticeship. An apprenticeship levy would be paid by employers who pay bill over £3 million each year. A 0.5% of that amount will be dedicated by them to support the apprenticeship programs.

Downfall due to Ofsted report

The damning Ofsted report caused the downfall of a huge apprenticeship training providing firm from England named First4Skills. This Liverpool-based apprenticeship provider, affected round about 200 staffs and more than 6000 learners because they were busted. It met this tragic result due to the skills funding agency pulled its contract.

The education watchdog, Ofsted’s grading the apprenticeship firm four rating which prompted the action, followed by an inspection. The findings from the inspection that had been carried out, has now been made public. The private apprenticeship training providers happen to receive an inadequate- overall Ofsted verdict, eventually resulting in termination of its contract. This termination of contract is affecting a vast mass and hampering many apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships training should be focused on various grounds

  • Quality training – For an apprentice to learn the rope of industries, it is very essential to learn and for that they need to be under the process, which rather provides a great quality of training. There needs to be sufficient action to support learners and no doubt anything than apprenticeship training could be higher in standards. The employer or trainer of an apprentice should focus on assessing and improving skills that learners already possess, along with pushing them into developing new set of skills.
  • Adequate assessment – Apprentice learners should be assessed adequately for the quality training they have received. Apprenticeship training should be on the aspects of training and assessment that the apprentice needs to improve. They should also target, the principles and requirements of an apprenticeship. Because, if the apprenticeship training fails to implement appropriate monitoring arrangements, it will not necessarily mark the accuracy of the apprentice’s progress.
  • Apprenticeship aims – The main mission of progressing in apprenticeship is to show improvement in lives and economic success through learning and skills. Apprenticeship values hold deep integrities and over time it teaches to produce excellent professional collaborations and contribution to the team goals. Apprenticeship aims for forward thinking and to create innovative ideas. Also it has aims to be positive, inclusive, flexible and proactive. Not only that but it is aims to be sustainable in terms of long term views for environmental, financial and social conditions.

Ofsted exercised their rights to terminate First4Skills Limited’s contract because they were not able to meet the high standards required for the apprenticeship training programs. With apprenticeship in UK, the government is seeking to make great development for the generation.

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June 23, 2017

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