Is a Tech Apprenticeship Right for You?


As young adults, you may end up at a stage where you are boggled about whether to opt for an apprenticeship or continue into higher education. This predicament is perfectly natural as whilst not the be all and end all, your decision can be a vital stepping stone to your career and will guide how you build your future.


Whilst it’s not a decision we can make for you and we’re naturally bias, you may find yourself feeling confused. However, in order to decide we suggest talking to either professionals, family or people who have been there before. To be more precise, talk to those who work as apprentices now to understand the pros and cons of apprenticeships whilst also talking with people who are studying for their degree. Although not everyone has access to people in these positions, there are plenty of online forums to help you.


Now for the bias bits, that will hopefully help you make up your mind. A recent survey suggests that 60% of apprentices were offered a starting salary of £25,000 and above after completing their qualification. It also specifies that those in IT apprenticeships were granted higher salaries as a whole when compared to their peers.

Often, people make the association that an apprenticeship is for a  manual job. However, the facts show that the opposite is true and that many apprenticeships cover avenues for prestigious office careers, helping young adults become independent and enhance their technical skills. Apprenticeships also give opportunities for a secured future in the field of IT, which as we all know is a boom market in the UK.


Recent research specifies that IT apprentices have progressed significantly when compared to other apprentices. Research suggests that this is due to their experience within a corporate environment.


As we’ve touched on before, enrolling into an apprenticeship saves the expense of University tuition fees and gives you the prospect to earn and handle your own expenses. Joining an apprenticeship offers you a chance to enter the IT industry at any skill level and build on your skills. Beginning from scratch will allow you to immerse yourself in the field and build up immense knowledge about the industry. This knowledge is essential in order to excel and guide you in order to drive you further in the field.

As an apprentice, you’ll see regular progression through the various stages of apprenticeship. As you progress through the levels of apprenticeship, the financial reward is likely to increase, alongside the amount of responsibility. At the end of the apprenticeship you are bestowed with a certificate of qualification which reflects your performance.


It’s widely known that apprenticeships grant you realistic knowledge whilst colleges impart theoretical knowledge. Both are necessary for an overall development but when you develop technical skills there are more chances for you to understand the functioning and nature of the business in a constructive manner which results in an efficient working pattern for you. As a young adult with an interest in the IT industry a tech apprenticeship may be what you need to get your career on track and prepare you for the IT industry.


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April 24, 2017

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