The Benefits of Apprenticeships

The young generation today are highly motivated to build a successful future and don’t waste any time when it comes to making the most of their opportunities. For this reason, more and more young adults are choosing to opt for apprenticeships in order to continue their learning whilst earning money, learning a trade and working. For many, this is a chance to thrive in a practical, hands on way and work their way towards an ultimate goal in the industry of their choice.

An apprenticeship can be one of the smartest ways you can go about acquiring knowledge, given the right timing. It can also be the best route to get into your dream job.

However, with so many options and roads to the future available after school and college, it can be difficult to know if an apprenticeship is the right option for you. Just in case you’re still on the fence about this opportunity, we have compiled a list of the benefits of apprenticeships.

Get hands on experience

Get hands on experience

When you choose to take an apprenticeship, you are being offered vocational,  practical knowledge of how the industry works. As well as learning the trade on the job, it is also very helpful for giving you an idea as to whether or not the current field or job is really what you want to pursue as a career in the long term.

Get paid to learn

One of the main benefits of an apprenticeship is that you get paid to learn, as you will also be working. This will allow you more independence than other further education options, and you will have the opportunity to support yourself from the outset.

The payment you receive for your apprenticeship also gives you motivation in your studies and the opportunity to progress. At the start of your apprenticeship, your wage may be low, but it will be heightened as you progress, gain a wider skill set and show that you can be trusted with more responsibility.

Paid holidays

Much like in most jobs, paid holiday is one of the benefits of being a regular employee, even as an apprentice. In addition to the bank holidays, you will be entitled to certain other paid holidays which you can choose. However, you will need to check with your employer prior as the entitlement may vary depending on your employment and training agreement. By law, you are entitled to at least 20 days of leave in the year. You will also usually be allowed to take time off for study, but again this depends on the understanding and terms and conditions of your employer and the scheme you opt for.


Having a support system always works wonders in any learning environment and an apprenticeship does exactly that by giving you the largest advantages, which are provided to you by giving you the qualifications you need in the respected field. Meanwhile, you will also be under the friendly guidance and the watchful eyes of someone who has full knowledge of the industry.

Good career prospects

Good career prospects

An apprenticeship can be more demanding than at first expected, but do not stress about it, as you will be well rewarded for your efforts. What’s more, after completing your apprenticeship, you will have a handful of exciting opportunities ahead of you. If you are happy and your employer likes your work, then you are usually offered the opportunity of working as a full-time employee with them, however, if you wish to move on to other things, you also have the choice to go elsewhere.


Overall, an apprenticeship will have you going through a series of lessons and discovery. With every step that you will take, it will give you the opportunity to learn and discover new things. Your apprenticeship may also lead you to the discovery of your other interests and qualities that you never knew you had; it’s not only an opportunity to learn a trade but also to learn about yourself.

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June 26, 2017

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