How does Trailblazer Apprenticeship Recruitment work?

A Trailblazer scheme begins when an employer accepts the apprenticeship. With this, employers can begin contacting recruitment specialists, like us, to source, interview and manage the best apprentices in the sector. After interview, the service provider (employer) and apprentice’s recruitment representative will negotiate on the basic salary that the candidate is likely to receive. Once the amount is agreed, a Trailblazer Apprenticeship Agreement including all the details of the training programme is signed amongst them.


Once the agreement is signed, the apprentice’s training can begin. They are likely to develop practical skills aimed at uncovering young peoples’ full potential. The courses are generally designed to develop young people gradually and allow them to excel as they settle into their new role and take on new tasks and responsibilities. Candidates will have the opportunity to explore and grow significantly within their new workplace as they have the opportunity to learn something new at the same time as earning money. Through experience, apprenticeships work best for everyone when existing employees jump in and provide a helping hand to an apprentice where needed.


Our Trailblazer Apprenticeship recruitment scheme gives candidates hands on experience in their chosen field and the chance to earn a qualification, both invaluable skills in today’s economy. At the same time, it assists employers in finding young and passionate employees to join their business. An apprentice will be graded based on their performance and how they have portrayed themselves while completing various tasks.


At the end of their apprenticeship, they will be assessed dependent upon their grades, and performance. Based on this criteria the employer will apply for the Apprenticeship Certificate. After the certificate is approved, the apprenticeship is completed. This is the basic structure for Trailblazer Apprenticeship, but it may vary from one sector to another and also the place of the apprenticeship, which is why we recommend inquiring further to find out more about how it could help your business.

June 13, 2017