Trailblazer Apprenticeships

A brief History of Apprenticeships

You will be astounded to know that apprenticeships have been around for quite a long time now and can in fact be traced back to the Middle Ages.

They were introduced to test the efficiency of people, everyone wanting a new job used to get into apprenticeships to polish their skills and efficiency to get permanent jobs. Apart from this, employers hired people to work for them by training them for a job under their supervision.

So, from a mere mode of testing, apprenticeships transformed into a complete training program and are being used to enhance the competency of individuals. At present, we have many options when it comes to apprenticeship programs but prior to it, there was only one single option available. The year 1960 recorded that 35% male school dropouts opted to take apprenticeships in various fields.

In the beginning, apprenticeships were generally seen as training grounds for all the working-class men who had not completed their schooling or graduation. It was considered as the job that young men opted for after they left their school. They learned to work as electricians, fitters, mechanics, etc.

We now have the government taking interest in providing apprenticeships to the young population ensuring the growth of the economy and employers coming together to form what has come to known as the Trailblazer Apprenticeship.

Three Levels of Apprenticeship

Be it a normal apprenticeship or a Trailblazer Apprenticeship, they all have three levels.

Intermediate Apprenticeship

Intermediate Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship taken up at this specific stage is similar to obtaining passing grade GCSEs. It doesn’t require any aspirant apprentice to have prior qualifications to enrol into apprenticeship at this level as they are merely judged on their existing skill set and are hired accordingly.

Not to mention, their basic knowledge and qualifications such as BTEC will also play a vital role in acquiring an apprenticeship at the intermediate level. Working with your full potential in any of the apprenticeship taken at this level can equip you with valuable skills that will help make greater progress in the further stages of apprenticeships.

Advanced Apprenticeship

Reaching this level means that you have reached the A- level. An aspirant apprentice can enter this level only if they have five GCSEs with grade C or higher or have successfully completed their Intermediate Apprenticeship.

At the advanced level, you will be provided with additional opportunities to develop and grow your skill set coupled with knowledge that will help you advance in your career.

You are going to learn many new things that were not covered in the intermediate level. On completion of this level of apprenticeship, you will be eligible for the final level.

Higher Apprenticeship

Be it a normal apprenticeship or a trailblazer apprenticeship, you need to complete all the levels before you get to the higher apprenticeship. This level provides a higher salary, but is balanced by longer working hours.

Generally, when you enrol into this level of apprenticeship program, you are required to work full-time which is unlike the other two levels. The apprenticeship that we provide at Hunter Consultancy lasts for 15 months culminating with a chance for you to turn it into a full-time job.

Benefits of Trailblazer Apprenticeships

Listed below are various benefits of apprenticeships that you can acquire while interning with us.

Attain Professional Training

Attain Professional Training

In simple terms, apprenticeships are nothing but training grounds for students to learn and know the mode of operation of their field of interest. The experience you gain during an apprenticeship is priceless as you work in a company that deals in your field of interest.

This gives your existing skill set a cutting edge and equips you with additional skills and knowledge too. Needless to say, you are given office oriented training at the beginning of your apprenticeship that prepares you for the real corporate world.

This polishes your approach and thinking, enhancing your professionalism. So, we encourage people to take up apprenticeships because of the career boost it brings to the table, be it a Trailblazer Apprenticeship or a normal apprenticeship

Get Practical Experience

At Hunter Consultancy, we know gaining extensive practical experience is the main advantage of taking an apprenticeship. That is because when you enrol into an apprenticeship program, you are thoroughly trained by your employer to work with them and shoulder certain tasks and responsibilities.

This opens your eyes to the workings of a corporate entity, which trains you for your future. At times, you can even be provided with extra training that may involve dealing with additional tasks, goal setting and determining your progress which may happen at a steady pace. If you are looking out for such apprenticeships that can provide you with great opportunities, then get in touch with us.

See a Clear Career Path

At Hunter Consultancy, we indulge in spreading the awareness of taking up apprenticeships. You may take some tips, know few tricks and clear your interviews to get a job, but then what next? What if you don’t like the job? That is why, we prefer apprenticeships because irrespective of being a Trailblazer Apprenticeship or a normal one, it is going to be temporary.

Things that you will come across during that apprenticeship will then help you decide if you are ready for a career in that field or industry or not. If your answer is no, then you can always take an apprenticeship in a varied field or industry to check if that one streamlines with your career and goals.

Trailblazer Apprenticeship

Trailblazer Apprenticeship

In a time of increasing student debts and diminished value of degrees, the benefits of an apprenticeship to both apprentices and employers is at an all-time high. Along with a nationally recognised qualification and valuable work experience that employees need, every apprentice has the opportunity to gain the skills they need in order to have a successful career.

Also, because of its flexible nature, it offers an opportunity to combine work with higher education. Along with being an amazing opportunity for young people, employers also have the opportunity to grow their business and get work done in without having to worry about the significant costs of full time staff.

Currently in UK, apprenticeships are gradually undergoing the process of dramatic transformation. As a result of Government reforms, a completely new style of apprenticeship has been designed in order to meet the learners and employers changing needs. These new apprenticeships are termed as ‘Trailblazer Apprenticeship’. This is a newly developed apprenticeship standard, which will ultimately replace the existing SASE Frameworks      .

The main appeal of these apprenticeships is to give employers the control to design a fruitful training program and increase its flexibility of delivery, simplifying funding system and amplifying the overall effectiveness of training. At Hunter Consultancy, we are committed towards supporting our clients and apprentices to get the most out of our Trailblazer Apprenticeship Recruitment platform.

What Is A Trailblazer?

The word trailblazer is almost synonymous with Hunter Consultancy’s ethos – that is exploring new frontiers and pushing forward within an industry. Making waves in the IT sector, we want to do just that by means of apprenticeships that we offer. We have taken our Trailblazer Apprenticeship to a whole new level. By working together with a group of employers who work together in order to design new apprenticeship principles which are specific to job roles within their sectors, we are at the forefront of our industry.

Employers now have the freedom to speak up and put forward their opinions about the contents of their apprenticeship. They are also at the forefront of bringing development in the entire training programme and the end result can be even more rewarding for both the apprentice and the employer.

This authority further grants employers the liberty to develop skills amongst apprentices in a much better way. They guide candidates with practical skills that are essential at work, which assists them in excelling in the field of their interest. In this manner, apprentices are exposed to the nature of business and also get a good understanding of the industry norms that are beneficial for the growth of the firm.

All this is possible, because of the alterations documented by the government in ‘The Future of Apprenticeships in England’. According to this reform, employers have the ability to analyse the standards of a Trailblazer Apprenticeship.

Officially, these Apprenticeships are known as ‘Apprenticeship Standards’ by the government. These include the latest norms and standards created by employers and the government to enhance the quality of apprenticeships.

How Did They Come About?

In order to improve the quality of young people entering the workforce and apprenticeship schemes, the government decided on meeting these training programmes with the needs of employers, the changing economy and their sector. To achieve this, they worked with a group of employers known as the ‘Trailblazer Groups’ so as to define what the new standards should look like.

Employers defined these standards to make sure apprenticeships are aligned to the skills required in their industry and have relevance to real job roles. The aim of designing these new standards is to give school leavers’ industry-related training, which is applicable in their future job roles.

What Does a Trailblazer Apprenticeship Group Do?

What Does a Trailblazer Apprenticeship Group Do?

To form a group of Trailblazers, at least ten employers are required from both large and small businesses. They need to put forward their needs to develop a standard for a particular job profile detailed by the government’s “Business Innovation and Skills”, which is commonly known as BIS. This should be carried out in the form of a monthly submission cycle.

To develop a draft, each group of Trailblazers has to follow certain criteria that are set by “The Future of Apprenticeships in England”- Guidance for Trailblazers. It is advisable to consult an expert in the field to draft the standard properly so that the chances of it being rejected are reduced.

Only the successful applicants are given the opportunity to set out their apprenticeships needs in a new apprenticeship standard. Once accepted, your employer group (Trailblazer Group) has the opportunity to become the representative of your particular sector.

After the representative group is appointed, an assessment plan will be laid down which must include the following:

  • What skills are to be assessed in the training?
  • Based on what criteria will the apprentice be graded and promoted to the next level?
  • Having a clear view of the person who has the authority to take the final decision of competency. Also, ensuring whether the employer or training provider is impartial and independent in order to effectively grade the apprentice.

Later on, this assessment plan will be sent for approval to BIS and once approved it can be published with a funding cap and this would be the maximum amount of funding available for a Trailblazer Apprenticeship.

It is critical to consider the facts and check whether the plan is actually followed as it is structured as well as fix any loop holes.

How Does Trailblazer Apprenticeship Recruitment Work?

A Trailblazer scheme begins when an employer accepts the apprenticeship. With this, employers can begin contacting recruitment specialists, like us to source, interview and manage the best apprentices in the sector. After the interview, the service provider (employer) and apprentice’s recruitment representative will negotiate on the basic salary that the candidate is likely to receive. Once the amount is decided and agreed upon, a Trailblazer Apprenticeship Agreement including all the details of the training program is signed amongst them.

Once the agreement is signed, the apprentice’s training can begin. They are likely to develop practical skills aimed at uncovering young peoples’ full potential. The courses are generally designed to develop them gradually that allows to excel as they settle into their new role and take on new tasks and responsibilities. Candidates will have the opportunity to explore and grow significantly within their new workplace as they have the opportunity to learn something new at the same time as earning money. Through experience, apprenticeships work best for everyone when existing employees jump in and provide a helping hand to an apprentice when needed.

Our Trailblazer Apprenticeship recruitment scheme gives candidates hands on experience in their chosen field and the chance to earn a qualification and invaluable skills in today’s economy. At the same time, it assists employers in finding young and passionate employees to join their business. An apprentice will be graded based on their performance and how they have portrayed themselves while completing various tasks.

At the end of their apprenticeship, they will be assessed dependent upon their grades, and performance. Based on this basis, the employer will apply for the Apprenticeship Certificate. After the certificate is approved, the apprenticeship is completed. This is the basic structure for Trailblazer Apprenticeship, but it may vary from one sector to another and from one place to another, which is why we recommend inquiring further to find out more about how it could help your business.

New Apprenticeship Standards

The overall objective of this new apprenticeship standard is to make sure that Trailblazer Apprenticeship is truly employer led. Therefore, standards are designed by employers (The Trailblazer Groups) in order to meet their needs, requirements of their sector, as well as attempting to future proof the UK economy.

Guidance around the growth of these standards specify that they have to be short, easy to comprehend documents that describe the skills, knowledge and behaviour required to undertake a specific job role well, and to function confidently within the sector.

The new Trailblazer Apprenticeship standards also focus on how an apprentice should showcase their mastery of an occupation, thereby meeting specialised registration requirements in the sector where this exists.

Hence, the approved standard is a briefly written document, which outlines knowledge, behaviour and skills required from an apprentice.

Hunter Consultancy: Why Choose Us for Trailblazer Apprenticeship?

At Hunter Consultancy, we work closely with training providers and employers to make sure that our apprentices help businesses to build a well-trained and experienced workforce with the right skills for the job.

Additionally, our trailblazer recruitment is fully tailored to meet the specific needs of any business and ensure that apprentices get an effective learning environment and get the most out of their further education.

We offer some of the best Trailblazer Apprentices to employers and apprentices, which include the following:

  • Cyber Intrusion Analyst
  • Cyber Security Technologist
  • Data Analysts
  • Digital Marketers
  • Infrastructure Technicians
  • Network Engineers
  • Software Testers
  • Software Developers
  • Unified Communication Trouble Shooters

Significant demand is expected for these apprenticeships, because more and more employers have started recognising the benefit of hiring young and fresh talent through this route, allowing them a control over training from the offset, rather than employing less malleable university students.

As an employer if you are looking for a Trailblazer Apprenticeship, then Hunter Consultancy is your one stop shop! For candidates we put learning and quality at the forefront of our concerns, whilst for employers we are dedicated to ensuring maximum return on investment whilst growing your business. We are dedicated to developing young people and business through structured workplace development and learning. Our apprenticeships are specifically designed to deliver a progressive and sustainable journey for apprentices.

About Hunter Consultancy

At Hunter Consultancy, have our own dedicated resources to cater to your requirements and we take pride in our skilled and trained recruitment specialists who provide apprentices and trained professionals to the IT sector. We understand what will work best for you at our Trailblazer Apprenticeship as we have gained all the local knowledge and experience.

We have a burning passion for our sector, keeping up to date with industry development and news which shines through our work. We are able to provide apprenticeships ranging from intermediate level to seasoned qualified experts. We assure our clients that we have a healthy admiration for technology which assists us in providing apprentices for the most appropriate role.

Finally, our qualified and proficient experts take the necessary time to provide our candidates with the information they need in order to put them on the path to success!

For more information on our recruitment services contact us on 0115 822 6577/0207 078 7318. You can even drop in an email on

February 23, 2017