What Does A Trailblazer Group Do?

To form a group of Trailblazers, at least ten employers are required and it needs to consist of employers from both large and small businesses. They need to put forward their needs in order to develop a standard for a particular job profile detailed by the government’s “Business Innovation and Skills”, which is commonly known as BIS. This should be carried out in the form of a monthly submission cycle.


In order to develop a draft, each group of Trailblazers has to follow certain criteria that are set by “The Future of Apprenticeships in England”- Guidance for Trailblazers. It is advised you consult an expert in the field to draft the standard properly so that the chances of it being rejected are reduced.


Only the applicants who are successful are given the opportunity to set out their apprenticeships needs in a new apprenticeship standard. Once accepted your employer group (Trailblazer Group) has the opportunity to become the representative of your particular sector.


After the representative group is appointed, an assessment plan will be laid down which must include the following:


  • What skills are to be assessed in the training?
  • Based on what criteria will the apprentice be graded and promoted to the next level?
  • Having a clear view of the person who has the authority to take the final decision of competency. Also, ensuring whether the employer or training provider is impartial and independent in order to effectively grade the apprentice.


Later on, this assessment plan will be sent for approval to BIS and once approved it can be published with a funding cap. That is, the maximum amount of funding available for a Trailblazer Apprenticeship.


It is critical to consider the facts and check whether the plan is actually followed as it is structured, as well as fix any loop holes.

June 13, 2017